A Time-independent Deformer for Elastic-rigid Contacts

Camille BRUNEL Inria, Univ. Bordeaux, France
Pierre BENARD, LaBRI (UMR 5800, CNRS, Univ. Bordeaux), France
Gaƫl GUENNEBAUD, Inria, Univ. Bordeaux, France
Pascal BARLA, Inria, Univ. Bordeaux, France
Teaser image for the paper entitled A Time-independent Deformer for Elastic-rigid Contacts


We introduce a new tool that assists artists in deforming an elastic object when it comes in intersection with a rigid one. As opposed to methods that rely on time-resolved simulations, our approach is entirely based on time-independent geometric operators. It thus restarts from scratch at every frame from a pair of objects in intersection and works in two stages: the intersected regions are first matched and a contact region is identified on the rigid object; the elastic object is then deformed to match the contact while producing plausible bulge effects with controllable volume preservation. Our direct deformation approach brings several advantages to 3D animators: it provides instant feedback, permits non-linear editing, allows for the replicability of the deformation in different settings, and grants control over exaggerated or stylized bulging effects.


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